Trained Kitchen Staff

Person-Centred Environment

NECH Stainton Lodge offers high quality food products to the residents, ensuring that the meal is rich in required nutrition and purely hygienic. Our staff associated with culinary are especially trained to cater the nutritional requirements of elderly people in order to make sure that all of the residents are served with the meals that comprehensively fulfil their dietary needs. Staff takes care of the hygiene and quality of food that is cooked in the Stainton Lodge Care Home through proper inspection, before it is served at the dining lounge.

Nutrition Based Guidance

Person-Centred Environment

NECH Stainton Lodge focuses on implementing the nutrition guidelines for older people as part of the residential care services. Training sessions are conducted on regular basis so that the individual nutritional requirements of the service users are not at all ignored or lacked. The care home has in place, the food safety management procedures based on a set of standards. Specialist support provides the staff with technical knowledge and skills required for menu analysis and development and to devise ways of evaluating the outcome of modified menus.

Nutrition Care

Person-Centred Environment

The staff at Stainton Lodge care home is dedicated to ensure the presence of all of the required food nutrients in meals on daily basis, so that the residents are not at all made to compromise on their basic diet. Apart from routine dine ins, the residents are offered special food supplements that are considered as part of their diet or any other medication or the like. We have a large team of staff dedicated to provide quality nutritional care as deserved by our residents.

Practical Assistance

Person-Centred Environment

NECH Stainton Lodge offers flexibility in practical assistance as part of the care plan, in order to fulfil the individual requirements of our service users. The staff at NECH Stainton Lodge is dedicated to provide support services to the residents with a philosophy of care which fundamentally includes person centred care services. The residents and their loved ones are encouraged to participate in devising the care plan for the resident, in order to deliver the best possible personal assistance to the service users.

Pain Management

Person-Centred Environment

The staff at Stainton Lodge Care Home is trained to apply the interdisciplinary approach of medication for easing the suffering and improving the quality of life of those in any sort of pain. The medication team at Stainton Lodge attempts to cope with pain by changing the lifestyles, applying physical therapies and counselling, in addition to medication and surgery. Resident’s perception of pain is carefully analysed in order to identify their preferred pain management strategies. Recommendations are made based on the resident’s consent and preferences.

Social Inclusion

Person-Centred Environment

Through social inclusion, a series of positive actions are collected to achieve equality of access to goods and services, to assist all individuals to participate in community and society, to encourage the contribution of all residents to social and cultural life and be aware of and to challenge all forms of discrimination. NECH Stainton Lodge provides comprehensive and person centred quality care services that are non-discriminatory and independent of religion, race, colour or gender. Every individual is a priority and is respectable for us at all times.

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